Foster's database entry wizard
CCDR members must use this form to enter foster dogs into our database in order to receive an ID number. EVERY FIELD with an " * " MUST BE FILLED OUT to receive an ID number. Below this form is what CCDR will cover and what we will not cover on vetting. 

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If you have any problems, please send an e-mail to CCDR
Reminder for what "is" and what "isn't" covered by CCDR
Standard vetting that you do not need approval on is: 
  • health exam, vaccinations (NOT including bordetella or lyme)
  • heartworm check (if hw positive you must get an estimate for treatment and submit your request for this to be done by contacting the board for approval.
  • fecal check - if dog has worms we will cover the medication needed to rid the dog of them
  • spay/neuter
  • pre-anesthetic screening on dogs over 6 years (only if needed). 
All other procedures or medications must be board approved.  In the case of an emergency, do what's necessary for the comfort and health of the dog and then get in touch with any board member ASAP.

If the dog is in for an initial health exam and they find skin infections, earmites, or any minor problem, go ahead and get it tested or treated and then notify a board member ASAP for approval.

Dentals, full senior wellness panels, tumor removals, x-rays need preapproval.  These are not standard vetting procedures so should anything over standard vetting need to be done, you must get an estimate and get board approval to proceed. Dentals that will be over $150 MUST have board approval before you can have one done and may not be done until permission is received. Please send a vetting request to the board list and wait for a reply. You can find this form on the CCDR website, by going to the "contact" page and scroll down to the link that says "vetting request." The form is located at:

CCDR does not pay for 

  • routine boarding (unless it's an emergency and then only 2 nights - must notify a board member for approval - please email them at or refer to your membership list to call at least 3),
  • heartworm preventative
  • flea control
  • nail trims or any grooming
  • anal gland expressing
  • food (unless prescription diet for a medical condition and this must have board approval first with proof from the vet). 
Please do not charge these things on the CCDR bill that are not approved. Anything that is not pre-approved will not be paid for and will be the responsibility of the member.  The CCDR member is responsible for informing their own personal foster homes of these vetting procedures as well and any unauthorized charges will be the responsibility of the member in charge of the foster dog and foster home. Foster homes are never allowed to take a dog to the vet without express permission and knowledge of the member who is resonsible for that dog.

Invoices are to have the dog's name and ID number on each invoice and are to be sent to CCDR within 30 days to the address below. Invoices over 30 days will not be paid by CCDR.  Please keep this information and pass this information on to your foster home. Invoices are to be sent to:

Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue
PO Box 147
Jacobus, PA 17407-0147